The Limited Edition FitFlop Rock Chic

Published: 06th March 2011
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FitFlop has been offering customers many different styles and models of highly functional and fashionable footwear for years. This company is famed for its range of casual and formal boots and sandals designed to perfection, offering optimum flexibility, comfort and, above all, health benefits.
The FitFlop Rock Chic is the flagship model that sparkles in all its glory. This gorgeous sandal is dusted with sparkling Swarovski crystals that simply take your breath away. This model is a perfect combination of both elegance and functionality as it boasts the same leg toning and muscle activating Microwobbleboard technology which lies at the base of every FitFlop. Every single FitFlop sandal is designed to offer spectacular benefits by giving you a workout even as you walk.
Just like every other FitFlop footwear model, the FitFlop Rock Chic incorporates the Microwobbleboard technology. This unique technology ensures optimum comfort and benefits for your foot by ensuring that your muscles are engaged as you take each step and are simultaneously toned up.
If you are among the fashion conscious and want your feet to look their best at all times, then do not miss out on the White Swarovski encrusted FitFlop. These amazing FitFlop Rock Chic sandals are designed to offer enhanced comfort. In fact, you can wear them all the time and be the center of attraction wherever you go.
Limited edition FitFlop Rock Chic sandals come in a whole range sizes. If your feet are an in-between size, it is recommended to opt for the smaller size if you have smaller, narrower feet and for the larger size if your feet are large and wide.

FitFlop Rock Chic sandals are exclusive with its dazzling Swarovski embedded designs. Take good care of your sandals to ensure that they last longer. Scrub in circles after wetting the midsole to clean the foot bed. You can do this by using an old toothbrush and non-bleach laundry powder.

Clean the upper with a dry cloth carefully without dislodging the crystals. Never submerge these precious sandals in water or put them in the washing machine. Dazzle in your new, spectacular FitFlop Rock Chic sandals this season. Wear them for occasions or even for everyday use as they are comfortable enough to be worn and walked around in. Tone up your thigh and back muscles by exercising them as you walk around in your brand new pair of exclusive sandals.

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