Ralph Lauren Clothing: Where did it originate?

Published: 18th August 2010
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Ralph Lauren is at the forefront of the current fashion world and seems to have been there for a long time, with this in mind we wondered... Why is Ralph Lauren so successful?

The brand was created in1967 when Ralph Lauren took out a $50,000 loan to get the label up and running. He originally started making just a line of menís ties but by 1969 he had boutique in Bloomingdales. By 1981 he went global and became the giant in the fashion world he always wanted. The label took a normal man with a $50,000 loan and turned him into a man worth over 4 billion dollars which is just a testament to its fantastic innovative designs and super quality.

Nowadays Ralph Lauren is an Ďupmarketí casual wear brand. However, it is possible to find brilliant menís Ralph Lauren clothing without the Ďupmarketí price. The internet is a fantastic place to get your hands on high end clothing because the prices are often a lot more competitive due to the vast amount of availability. Take advantage of this!

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